Create tokens for your assetsBenefit your business with blockchain technology

W3block simplifies the tokenization of any asset, providing transparency, authenticity and traceability to all industries.

Benefits and advantages

  • Secure custody:

    Store your tokens safely in your digital wallet using W3block technology.

  • Blockchain network:

    The future of registries. More security and traceability in all of your transactions through smart contracts and blockchain technology.

  • RFID and NFC technology:

    Your asset is linked to its digital certificate through tracking tags.

  • Easy access to your information:

    Each token has a certification of authenticity and a public page with all the necessary information made available to other users.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Our specialists analyze your business model in order to build the best solution for tokenizing your assets.

  2. 2

    Our technology team sets up a personalized ecosystem to best accommodate your product.

  3. 3

    Through project ownership, you can tokenize your physical or digital products whenever you want.


  • Tokens are used to digitally represent an asset using blockchain technology that stores the iten’s information and registers all transactions made with them.

    This registration is public, permanent and cannot be censored, providing more security, democracy and transparency to those utilizing it.

  • Basically, the process happens in three steps:

    1. Structuring: For the first step we research to better understand the data structure that the token will need to have and what is the best RFID/NFC technology to implement in your product. Once that is done you’ll receive an ecosystem ready to issue tour tokens.

    2. Issuing: You can set up all the information that will be registered in your token, including smart contract frameworks that will guarantee royalty payments in a future secondary market and guides of token usage.

    3. Distribution: Place your tokens for sale in your physical or digital store or transfer it as you wish.

Who is using our technology

Hash Town
Rio Innovation Week
Danielian Galeria
Aura Galeria
Amazonia Care
Kickoff Music
Amazzom Gin

W3block creates infrastructure and ecosystem to help bridge the universe around us with web3. How do we do that? Through an easy-to-use suite of solutions that make it easier to build products around NFTs, unleashing all the blockchain potential. From registering online or offline assets through blockchain to facilitating the web3 experience for the massive amount of people entering the space.